Top 5 Horsemanship Practices that Make No Sense

Horsemanship is a sport full of tradition, old wives tales, and new-fangled ideas that make it difficult to navigate. Often, we do things just because we've been told to, and not because it makes any sense. The list could go on and on, but these are the top five horsemanship practices that I've found are … Continue reading Top 5 Horsemanship Practices that Make No Sense


What is Mutual Communication?

We have misjudged what it means to be in a relationship of mutual trust and communication with our horses. Horses are equally capable of listening and communicating as we are, so why do we need a system to replace that which naturally happens?

Food Rewards: When and Why

The affects of using treats can often be negative. But used delicately and appropriately, food rewards can also bring great success to your training program. Read my 'dos and donts' for making your decision wisely.