Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Jeannine Brandt. Born and raised on a farm in southeastern Manitoba, I have a rich background in authentic living, dance, music, and writing. Together with my young Norwegian Fjord, Storm, I endeavour to practice Relationship Based Horsemanship. 

RBH is something that my mom, Hanna, and I came to practice as we moved beyond traditional ‘natural horsemanship’ training methods. RBH focuses on body awareness and self-development as a foundation for communication and relationship with horses. Not only does the relationship between you and your horse matter, but so does the relationship between your heart and your mind. Amazing results come about in all aspects of life when there is harmony in relationships.

My methodology has always been to understand the horse and help the horse understand me. This does not come through any method of reinforcement, but through communication, body language and energy that horses naturally use and understand so well.

My goal is to learn how to dance with my horse, literally. I’d like to develop a harmonious relationship between my body and my horse’s body to create something artistic and powerful.

Currently, I study Journalism at the University of King’s College in Nova Scotia, so my winters are away from home and away from Storm. Writing and sharing are my passions so when I go back to Storm and begin learning again, I hope to pass it all on to you, my readers.

Enjoy the journey, and good luck!