Relationship Based Horsemanship is History!

Before I explain myself, DON’T WORRY! All the content from this site will be on the new one …

Okay, back to explanation:

I’ve recently been very discouraged by the prospect of joining a horsey community. Maybe it’s because I miss horses so much while I’m in college, but I’ve been desperately looking for something to hold onto that will make me feel like I’m progressing and learning. This is absolutely ridiculous because I am learning. I am growing. My obsession is not unlike what others feel when they are looking for a method to follow.

I’ve been reading other horsey blogs and getting more and more discouraged because all I see is criticism. Arguments. “Do things this way, think about it this way.” Discussion is good and satisfying, I’ll admit; and lots of these discussions are centred around making life better for the horse. However, you can explain anything and everything in unemotional, scientific, logical terms, but that doesn’t change the fact that people are experiencing these emotions in a way that can’t be analyzed. These ‘zing’ words are a way for those without much intuition to justify their convictions. And the fact is, some convictions don’t need to be justified. They just are.

Horsemanship, to me, is too precious to be argued over. Even if it’s my own emotion staring back at me through the horse’s eyes – even if Stormy is only being ‘conditioned’ to like me and follow my lead – even if the ‘natural’ in horsemanship is technically non-existent – the intent behind it is what justifies it. I’d like to follow my instincts without fearing that my description is politically correct enough.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is the crux of why I’m changing forums. I no longer want to be under a blanket that categorizes me as teaching ‘Relationship Based Horsemanship’. That ship of dreams has sailed long ago. I’d like to continue sharing my experiences and hopefully inspiring some of you, just without the drama that comes with having a category to myself. So Stormy’s Beat is going to be about that. Fun. Growth. Anecdotes. Guest speakers … I’m excited! Cause what do people really want but relatable anecdotes, cute pictures, and positivity

Here’s the plug for my new website:

As for finding my horsey community? I believe absence makes the heart grow fonder. When I get back to Manitoba, Storm will be there to welcome me home.

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