I’m officially back! The work has begun!

Oiling saddles is my first project!

Like always, Storm took a deep whiff in my face and followed me around like I was his mom (which I unofficially am :P)! It’s like he was waiting for me. I feel so complete when I’m with him – like we can do anything.

Photo bombed!

The plan for this summer is simple: play more, dance through tough patches, and share all the precious moments with you! I’ve had a couple so far, but I plan on doing way more than telling you about it. Get ready for some videos; LOTS more pictures, and even some mini post series on bigger topics like buying a horse and starting young horses. If you have any requests for blog topics, PLEASE COMMENT and tell me about them!

This winter has taught me that it’s okay to share what I know even if I don’t know everything. After all, that’s what learning is – it’s finding the patterns in your life and understanding them, regardless if you’re doing everything perfectly.

I’ve also learnt that going slow is better than going fast and invoking permanent damage. This is why Storm’s riding career is not going to depend on me. It’s going to depend on him. I’ve already been on his back three times. We’ve even taken the first steps. But instead of rushing ahead and pushing for more, I’m going to let it fall into my hands like a ripe fruit.

We’re all in this journey together, with the best of intentions and amazing guides – our horses and ourselves. Cheers!


Ears forward to the future in his big spring pasture!

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