When you’re getting drowned in essays and assignments, when the only problems you have are two-legged, when the only thing left in your cupboard are a pair of chopsticks from last month’s sushi …you get to thinking about what you’re missing at home. Namely, horses.

There’s something magical about those furry friends, who have the strength to hold up both of you, yet can stand quivering in fright at a mere plastic bag. Somehow, horse related problems aren’t nearly as bad as human related problems. A big sloppy kiss from a random horse is more welcome than from a random human. When something big happens and you desperately need advice, you can talk to a horse, because unlike your mom or your friends, they won’t actually give you advice.

A calm that we humans desperately need – that beautiful satisfaction in the world and one’s self – washes over you when standing next to a horse. Because unlike when you stand in tears before your professor, talking about a crappy essay, you ARE enough.

A horse’s resistance is the real definition of justice. The image of Stormy getting walloped by the dominant mare in the herd swirls through my head when the oral examiners ask about the meaning of justice. And I shake my head because I just can’t explain any of it. It’s not for me to explain. It’s for them to show and us to understand.

I need horses because they offer a look into the world where abstract ideas and desires are manifest – a look that squeezes the human’s perception into a two inch window.

I need horses because they don’t think in numbers, dollar signs, or hashtags.

I need horses because even though they don’t say a thing, they make me listen.



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