I’m back!

Three long months of missing Storm, aching to touch animals, and worrying about due dates is over!

Some might feel like they’ve missed months of valuable training time. After all, Storm’s growing up into his teenage years and needs constant supervision to turn out well …or does he? I dare to think that three months off of horse time has actually helped me see more objectively, and given me life lessons that I can apply to Storm’s development!

I will now share some of those life lessons with you. Hopefully it will bring you back to when you were in college and give you new ways to apply your own life lessons.

Text before knocking!

Finally having a friend group is amazing, but it’s also a lot of work! Setting boundaries where my family always respected me is difficult. One of these boundaries is the “text before you knock” rule. This came into affect when I found that essay writing and giving moral support to others didn’t go together. It was hard, but worth it. In the end, I had more energy to be a loving friend when I set up my personal space.

How does this apply to horses? Well, it’s the simple concept of setting up personal space and sticking to it. Horses, of all the animals on this planet, know personal space almost better than humans. You can see them claiming it, taking it, and keeping it when they are socializing. Because horses are so social, they have to be experts at personal space! Just like getting a friend group made me realize I needed it, horses also know the need for personal space.

So stop feeling like a bad horse owner when you decide your horse has stepped too close. If you feel uncomfortable, you have the right to do something about it. If you can understand that it’s not a personal attack on you, your horse will know it’s not a personal attack on him when you assert some boundaries in the relationship. Remember: you’re going to be a happier, more productive, less overbearing partner if you take care of yourself!

‘Humans, by nature, want to know’ -Aristotle

Philosophy is like a brain fever. It makes you crazy while still making perfect sense.

With that in mind (:P) I’d like to quote Aristotle – ‘Humans, by nature, want to know’. We can’t help it. We like to understand, to know, and solve problems.

Horses, on the other hand, seem a little different. They are responders. They like to be comfortable, engaged, and protected.

It is so overwhelming when you look at our differences and realize how well we are matched with these prey animals. I’m planning to write a longer article about this, but it is my belief that humans need to embrace their nature and use it to raise up the horse’s nature. It is NOT wrong to think differently from horses. We are meant to adapt to one another, and it is totally possible.

Love yourself and be empathetic. That’s all the horse asks of you.

Magic is real.

According to Pico, magic is simply the ‘knowledge of all nature’ and the contemplation of the world. In keeping with the last life lesson, our ability to think is the only way that nature can be contemplated.

Ever had such a connection with your horse that you called it ‘magical’? Well let’s face it! It was.

You can literally perform magic with your horse, just by making a connection.

Love hurts, but in a good way

A natural step, at my age, is to find someone that you love.

I realized quickly that just because I’ve never been in a relationship doesn’t mean I don’t know how. Working with horses has taught me how to connect with someone, even on a romantic level. I realized that it wasn’t too different – human love, and my connection with horses. Love is the force that moves humans to want to know. Boredom, anger, and all those bad emotions are just privations of love. Love in it’s fullest form is sometimes too strong to understand or talk about. It hurts, but in a good way.

It’s the same when I work with Storm. I am moved through my love for him. Love inspires me to give. I give my energy, my time, my empathy, and my thought to the object of that love. When that wonderful pressure builds up in my soul and I just want to cry, laugh, and sing at the same time, the next impulse is to give back that wonderful feeling to Storm, who made me feel that way to begin with.

When you really feel the love, it will make you want to give instead of taking.


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