So some of you may know …..I’m not actually at home right now!!! I’m in Nova Scotia starting my 4 year Bachelor of Journalism degree at King’s College. So I guess the biggest thing to say is that I miss Storm like crazy and I’m looking forward to Christmas when I can come home to visit him. It feels somewhat like leaving a child’s development up to a nanny, to be very honest. But so far the programs here at Kings are going to stretch me where I need to be stretched; somehow unrelated things can turn out to be beneficial to the horsemanship journey, and I’m sure this will be. Emotional fitness. Comprehension of symbolism. Actually, becoming familiar with ancient Hebrew religion as part of my first year courses is really reminding me of my philosophies about horsemanship! So my advice to all of you thinking of going for higher education: DO IT! It doesn’t mean you love your horse less if you leave him in the care of someone else for a while. You can always come back and use what you’ve learnt. It’s never too late to apply something or to fix something.



a blurry caption of the last scene I saw: Happily rolling in the cultivated pasture, enjoying the natural environment.

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