Some of you are aware, my mother and I took a trip down to Michigan to participate in a three day Academy with Jason Alexander Wauters, a young man who has truly been enlightened with the understanding of life, horses, and God. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but when we got there and saw Jason with the horses for the first time, we both felt like we had witnessed a great secret come to light. Now with what we have learnt from this clinic, I feel not only empowered, but also enlightened to be that authentic Me that I have always been.

It is very difficult to describe the depth of learning that went on this weekend, but I have combined a list of things that I learnt, just overviewing the concepts that are easy to write and leaving out that which goes too deep for words. One thing (that wasn’t mentioned in the clinic, but I realized after) is that the truth will absolutely set you free, with no exceptions. It is this case with me now, and I hope to grow to new heights of truth with every move I make to learn.

What I learnt:

  • There are two teachers. We teach the horse. The horse teaches us.
  • We need to have the attitude “Want what I want” when we work with our horses. This is most harmonizing and will not end up in force or (on the other hand) lack of all leadership.
  • It is better to use too much energy than not enough.
  • Horses need us to grow and change. Without external forces, a horse will not make inner changes.
  • We need horses to discover what our soul is telling us. When we have learnt to listen to the horse, we will know how to listen to our soul (or vice versa).
  • Liberty and lunging should always come before leading because leading is actually one of the hardest things for a horse do do (who knew!!?)
  • A horse will always respond to a congruent, authentic self.
  • Physically touching the horse in violence or with force is not necessary. This clearly says to the horse that you are too weak to use your body language. Energy, however, is very understandable to horses.
  • A horse’s physical appearance is connected with his character (this is beginning to be scientifically explained)
  • Your emotions and distractions are like a cup full of water. It must be drained completely before going out to your horse, because your horse’s cup is always full (he is the essence of emotion and instincts.) It’s your job to help him ‘drain it’ as well.
  • There are three parts to liberty: 1) Taking space 2) Giving space 3) Centring space
  • Do not desensitize your horse. Show him that you are a trustworthy leader and he will not spook towards danger, but follow it.
  • And lastly, it is ridiculously simple. A child of 10 years could understand this with no difficulty.

This has not even scratched the surface of how deeply touched and affected I was by Jason’s teaching. I learnt so much about my own needs, as well as Storm’s, and how our needs are similar. We both need to feel supported and held tightly in leadership.

To end off this article, I would like to recommend EDEN to anybody who feels lost and confused with their journey – who feels like they are working hard for limited results. As Jason said “Eden is right here. Right now.” The results we saw in the horses after the first session with them were near magical – what you’ve only dreamed of. My mother and I agree that even 15 minutes in the Academy was worth the 18 hour drive and money spent.

Yes, we are plotting to get him out to Canada (fingers crossed!) and yes, we will continue to teach and apply this knowledge for everyone’s benefit. Unfortunately I cannot share any pictures taken, but feel free to visit Jason’s website: to see upcoming pictures of our academy and also the current front page has a picture of my mother working on centring a spirited Andalusian.

Love to all my readers!


3 thoughts on “The Truth will Set You Free

  1. Hi Jeaninne { and other readers} what a beautifull revieuw about a Clinic with Jason Alexander Wauters. And yes this is so true . If you want to learn in private from Jason just write a email to and comme over for a Bootcamp in Holland. You are all so welcome!
    Warm greetings,
    From Ivy

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  2. Thanks for writing this beautiful piece, Jeannine. EDEN sounds like an incredible place. I hope you are able to lure Jason down to Canada at some point soon. 🙂

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