Yes, we’ve moved out of Blogger and into an official website. For having no website development experience, I think I did pretty good! I have to say, it was high time. There’s only so much you can do with a free blogging domain, but with our new site it’s never been easier to spread the word in a powerful and attractive way!

Our goals for this new website?

  • To make it easier for readers to connect with RBH through Facebook, email, and blog
  • To let readers navigate to the important stuff, faster
  • To give the world a more professional and detailed taste of Relationship Based Horsemanship, with more opportunity to learn online and see what we’re all about!

It’s my hope that you enjoy the new website as much as I do, and will check back often for new posts! There’s also an idea swirling around of a Youtube or Vimeo channel ….. so that Storm can give you chance to see what he’s learning!

So take a look around, share with your friends, and enjoy the view!



Tell me what you think!

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