What better way to spend the winter than in books? Even if you’re not a big reader, sometimes you just need some inspiration to keep you afloat. I’ve compiled a list of books, blogs and assorted media that I’ve found to be inspiring, educational, and fascinating. There’s something for everyone – entertainment lovers and education addicts alike. While you browse these intriguing titles, feast your eyes on our latest photo shoot!


matildebrandt.no is a great way to get inspired. Her beautiful pictures of her Friesian are one of the reasons I read the blog. And she has some common-sense tips for ordinary equestrians like you and me using only positive reinforcement.

Sophies Horse Tales is also a beautiful blog with thoughts about training horses using body/energy awareness and liberty training. The author is young, but very enlightened and poetic. It’s good to see the future of horsemanship getting brighter through her blog.

http://horsesandhumans.com/blog/ has the ability to open eyes and inspire for an audience that likes to go deeper. I enjoy reading some of the opinions and questions posed. One document that REALLY made me think and actually changed some of my views was this one on yielding to pressure: http://horsesandhumans.com/documents/yielding-to-pressure.pdf If you’re up for a lengthy discussion that will blow your methodologies out of the water, this is the paper to read.

Storm helps me put the halter on, even
when I fall down in the snow!



Dancing With Horses by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling: If you need to press a ‘reset’ button on your relationship with your horse, this book will help you do just that. Fulfilling and concrete exercises are presented in this book, along with horsey philosophy that reads like poetry.

What Horses Reveal by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling: Interested in horse behaviour? This is a great accompaniment to ‘Dancing With Horses’. Learn to recognize and identify your horse’s essence through physical and character ‘landmarks’.

If you’re not sure about purchasing these two books, check out KFH onYoutube!

Horse Follow Closely by Gawani Pony Boy: I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Indigenous people’s method of training horses. I mean, galloping with stampeding buffalo bareback and nearly bridleless must have taken some kind of unique skill set. This book is exactly what I was looking for! It’s a nice balance between history and how-to instruction, not to mention the great pictures!

Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigal: this treasure sat on my shelf for years before I finally picked it up after a Jason Alexander Wauters clinic. Not only did it affirm everything I had ever learnt, it offered amazing metaphysical insight into the art of anything! It’s a really small book, but worth it’s weight in eloquence.

Healing Shine: A Spiritual Assignment by Michael Johnson http://www.michaeljohnsonbooks.com/healingshine.html

WOW! This audio book made me laugh and cry at the same time. You can purchase it paperback too, but the audio book is a fabulous way to wait out your winter flu bug or sit a long drive. You will be equally entertained, and brought to emotion by this beautiful story. I recommend this one to every horse person I meet!

Smoky The Cow Horse by Will James

Another great read! If you enjoy westerns (without the romance) and want to read something with a bit more than just wild bronc rides, this book is for you! If you’ve got kids, this one’s even perfect to read with them. High climaxes and touching morals – this will always be a favourite.


It was just this year that I learnt about ancient Arabic poetry written about horses. Not only are Arabs known for being master poets, but they also have the Arabian horse to boast about! In my opinion, the art of poetry and horsemanship go together really beautifully. Check out some beautiful Arabic poetry that encompasses the spirituality of being with horses: Discover Arabian Horses


The Path of the Horse is a profound documentary that you can find on YouTube, made by trainer, Stormy May. It speaks to common horsemanship practices and the movement of modern horsemen to go ‘natural’. It’s a well-rounded survey of some of the most radical horse trainers in the world, such as Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Linda Kohanov and Alexander Nevzorov. I highly recommend this documentary for horse owners, and non-horse-owners alike because it explains very intuitively the reasons for adopting more relationship-based methods.

Follow AlwaysHorseLove on YouTube! This channel is one of the most honest inspirational horsey video channels out there. Watch Eva Roemaat from the Netherlands do amazing things at liberty with her horses using techniques similar to Frederic Pignon and other such liberty horsemen. This channel shows happy horses and joyful training in action!

It’s winter boot time!
Looking forward to when we can begin to ride.
Friends take care of one another!
This post was updated March 2018.

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