Ever had that empty, lost feeling when you looked out at your horses? Ever wanted to start a program, but never really ‘got into it’? Ever felt like your training program was going on and on, with no end in sight?

Many programs that seem holistic for horse and rider, really bring about more stress and confusion than just training in the way you’re used to. However, outside sources are often all we have to start learning a skill.

Relationship Based Horsemanship is a forum for the simplest, most effective, most natural way of being with horses; something I like to call Relationship Based Horsemanship

I’ve heard so many successful horsemen say that they’ve given up trying to be natural with their horses because “nothing we do with horses is very natural for them anyway”. They are right. What humans generally use horses for, and try to get horses to do, is not natural at all. Putting a rope on their head in order to move them around IS NOT NATURAL. Putting metal in their mouths to ride IS NOT NATURAL. Creating our own herds by buying different horses and throwing them together in a confined environment IS NOT NATURAL. Trimming their hooves, massaging their limbs, floating their teeth, giving them vaccinations, none of this is natural! Does that mean we’ll stop doing all of this? No. Those who believe that we are being completely ‘natural’ with our horses are deceiving ourselves.


What if you could do everything you’ve dreamed of doing with horses just by learning to better control your own mind and body? What if you wouldn’t have to use pressure and release to get what you want out of your horse? What if your horse wouldn’t need to be persuaded and coerced into doing what you need him to do because he genuinely wants to follow you

This is what I believe is possible by going back to the original, unadulterated communication system between horses and humans; a communication system that doesn’t take ropes, bits, sticks, or wits; a language that is based in relationship, leadership and the natural hierarchy of groups and society. It sounds dreamy and impossible, yet it’s actually the simplest thing you’ll ever learn. Through this form of communication, a horse will be able to endure this humanized world with trust and dignity. Instead of getting ‘trained’ to have the responses you want, the horse will begin to naturally display the behaviour you desire because you are now his biggest example. 

Now doesn’t that sound easy? Doesn’t that just make you want to go out and live your dream? When you begin to follow this way of being with horses, the results you reap will be above and beyond what you’ve gotten with years of practice. You will finally be able to trust your horse, because his control and mental frame relies on your control and mental frame.

This is just the beginning of what we’ll explore on this blog. Remember, I’m learning just like you. But learning from other students is always more fun than learning from a teacher, so I’m told.

Best of luck!


This post was edited February 2018


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